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Solve 10 Training Problems Easy by using Video  

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The biggest problems with traditional person-to-person meetings, training, and paper manuals are time and money. In a modern corporate world, where the pace is high, time is limited, and budgets are constrained, it’s important more than ever to hire the right people, and train them properly, all the while saving time, and sparing brain drain. But how to do that in an easy way?  Use Video training! 


Traditional training can be boring and expensive 

“Video killed the radio star” was a popular chorus in a cherished 80s song. And maybe it did. But video can actually save you, and your employees, a lot of hassle and extra money. By implementing cutting-edge features from the world of e-learning, your employees can spend their work time wisely and boost their skills at the same time. 

Person-to-person training is time-consuming and must be recognized as a relic of the past. The hurdles with this traditional form of training: combining schedules, setting up individual meetings, traveling, and explaining a boring set of PowerPoint decks over and over again, can lower the level of engagement, and not only that: it costs a lot of money.  

Away from the computer because it is boring

Thorough employee training is vital for both productivity and safety. But it’s time-consuming and the expenses will skyrocket fast! Companies in the US spent a staggering $70.65 billion on conventional training in 2016. The money was not wisely spent. A whopping 53.8 productivity hours were lost per employee while getting them acclimated, according to Training Magazine’s 2016 “Training Industry Report.”  

In a modern corporate environment, it’s crucial to acclimate employees fast but also save money. An unstable global market has forced managers to spend more time finding the right people, and the average employee must fill several roles because of cutbacks. It’s never been more important to spend money wisely. 

Video is key for easy learning 

By implementing video as the main element of your employee training you can avoid many hassles. For instance, you only need to prepare a singular course and curate the right learning material. Challenges such as combining schedules with employees, making sure they’re up to speed individually, and making sure they’ve understood the material is a timely and costly process if met by conventional means. But when implementing a video eLearning software platform like uQualio, you can monitor the process, and evaluate how employees evolve via gamification, certificates, and quizzes. You can measure how many employees see your video, and how they engage with the material.  

Video eLearning training saves you time & money – and makes it easy to remember! Even though time and money are two crucial things for every organization, there’s one more powerful thing about video: it’s memorable and easy to understand.  

Studies have shown that learning only by audio or reading lowers our engagement and makes us lose focus. Think back on any meeting you’ve had. Can you remember the contents of a meeting a month ago?  

Solve-10-training-Problems-Easy-by-using-Video  Happy people learning

Video has a powerful impact because, in some way, our brains are wired to engage more with video. It still feels like a brand-new experience watching a video, and an emotional impact can be triggered by a video thus ensuring the training sticks. A paper manual will be forgotten – a good video is remembered.  

Video-based learning also combats the 10 common challenges via conventional training: 

  1. Time-consumption and cost 
  1. Schedules that are nightmarish to coordinate 
  1. Geography – training across regions is costly and challenging 
  1. A small window of opportunity to learn everything from the expert. And you have to rely on your notes.  
  1. By relying on conventional training, you contribute to a “brain drain” meaning because it’s costly to train staff sufficiently, their skills will decline. 
  1. Slide decks become dull and lessen engagement. Videos make people remember and feel entertained. 
  1. You don’t get to learn sufficiently from a lot of the smart people you work with if you do not record what they do to share knowledge. 
  1. Memory loss. No one remembers what they’ve learned from old training sessions because they were, mostly only audio-based which makes them difficult to remember. 
  1. Little time for an immense amount of training. 
  1. Conventional training is not ideal for scalable businesses. As your business grows so has your training. Video-based training addresses these challenges. 

Video training is the silver bullet to address the countless challenges in sharpening the collective skillset of your staff.

A dynamic video-based platform, such as uQualio, is built for exactly that purpose. Our solutions have benefited many firms, in specialized industries, and it can benefit you. Feel free to contact us – or create a free trial and see for yourself.  

– uQualio is an award-winning, easy-to-use, all-in-one NextGen LMS software for any types of online video training.