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Use a Freemium Account for Rental How-to videos

Holiday rental video manual


Are you a holiday rental property owner looking for a free easy-to-use, way to ensure that both you and your renters’ have the best possible experience? 

Maybe you should consider getting a free online video training platform on uQualio to help you:

  • Improve communication with your holiday tenants
  • It allows you to create ‘How-To’ guides about the rental
  • Increase tenant satisfaction 

How video helps to bring home your message  

A video uses images, sound, color, and the storyline to reach more of our senses. Creating an immersive experience that touches and stays with the viewer. People of all ages watch videos daily as part of their entertainment, work, and family routine. They are familiar, informative, and rewarding. And studies have shown that the impact of the audio-visual delivery format of videos – as opposed to paper-based, or slide-based presentations – is significantly greater. Additionally, a large amount of material can be packed into short bites, or what is also known as micro-learning

How-to videos can easily be recorded using a smartphone. You film where things are, and how they work. Preferably in small bites so people only need to see what they are looking for.

How a video training platform can help your rental?

Tenants’ expectation settings & video manuals

The built-in email or SMS module (only available in subscriptions) enables you to send videos courses to your holiday tenants with ‘How-to’ videos about e.g.

  • how to find the key
  • where to park,
  • how to open water,
  • how the heating system works,
  • the swimming pool setting, and
  • other similar instruction video manuals.

But you can also make videos with descriptions about cleaning standards or the condition you want the house left in, so people know what to do and check before they go.

Reduced workload

eLearning videos can in this way be used to easily provide tenants with information about the property, such as how to operate appliances or where to find essential information. This can reduce the workload on the property owner, as tenants can access and review information as needed 24/7, on any device. 

Improved communication & feedback

The platform allows your tenants to send you feedback 24/7 on any device. If you instruct them by a video you can even ask them to record a feedback video and upload it to the platform so you know exactly what the problem is. These can be downloaded from the system and passed on to the people that can fix them.

Automated communication, data collection, and reporting

Select the recipients, and set the timing of when they should have access to your videos and messages. You will be able to see if people have seen the How-to videos or send one video topic individually by your phone again if people cannot find it.

Your accounts reports can be downloaded in excel sheets as needed if you want to keep track of how much time you use.  

Increased tenant satisfaction

By providing tenants with easy access to information about their long or short-term rental property, property owners can improve tenant satisfaction. This can help to reduce unhappy customers and can make it easier to maintain positive longer-term relationships with tenants. 

How you can build a free rental video platform on uQualio

uQualio Video4Learning is a powerful, yet easy-to-use tool that helps you train anyone by video on any device – you can see if people saw the videos and you can even verify that people understood the videos by adding questions to certify them. Therefore it can be used for simplifying numerous tasks.  

You can create a free trial to test our platform and if you like it you can turn the free trial account into a freemium account to keep for as long as you need.

On our freemium account, the following is included:

  • Customized platform branding with your logo and colors.
  • Creation of online courses based on videos (uploaded or linked to YouTube/Vimeo).
  • 1GB storage for your videos, files, pictures, etc. & 60 min. of video streaming per month
  • 1 private customizable channel to publish your courses on.
  • 2 account admin roles
  • 10 private users can receive email invitations to try your courses.

Public courses for anyone for marketing

You can increase interest from potential tenants by making public eLearning videos on uQualio (which requires a paid subscription) about your holiday rental property can give you a terrific way to highlight the features and amenities. In this way, they can easily discover details about your property’s unique features, location, and more, by viewing your own short videos 24/7 on any device.  

It will help you to attract more interest from prospective tenants and can make it easier to get happy holiday quests in your property. 

What if I need more space, streaming, or more users?

At uQualio a monthly subscription starts at 19,95$ per month and we use a 100% pay-as-you-go pricing model that allows you to only pay for what is necessary.

From +10 users you only pay for the number of private active users each month, and for every active user you add, you get more cloud storage, hours of streaming, and SMSs.  

You can always use the built-in subscription calculator in your account to estimate your price if you are thinking of making changes.  

Our platform is based on a self-service approach to keep costs down. Start by making a free trial, explore the features, and discover how the platform can work for you. Activating a subscription is easy, simply go to My Account and press the Activate subscription button. 


Use a Freemium Account for Rental How-to videos - uQualio

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