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Video Distribution Redefined: How uQualio Is Reinventing the Video Distribution Process 

uQualio redefines the video distribution process


We are absolutely exhilarated to announce the release of our brand-new  video distribution process. It will empower you to do whatever you wish to with your content, and  when and with who you want to share it.

Engaging, enlightening, and approved by your learners!

The road to quality software is, indeed, paved with constant fine-tuning – and of course, user feedback. We know that – and have always known that.

Why New Video Distribution Process?

Our ambition, when we started uQualio, was clear: To introduce a cutting-edge video eLearning platform that’s both simple to use, flexible, and secure. And, to get there demands development, updates, updates, updates, and close interaction with our loyal user-base.

This is what we’ve realized: Our old video distribution process was not all that it could be. There were multiple steps, and the risk of flaws was there because you could oversee a feature or an important setting.

Now, we’re introducing a redefined video distribution process. We’ve listened to our loyal users and partners, and have simplified the process in order to dramatically lower the risk of flaws and lessen the steps from video course creation to distribution.

What Is New?

The old video distribution was predefined in multiple steps, making it easy to oversee a member group or setting. Now, with the simplified process, you can quickly and easily oversee settings, users (incl. making predefined user groups), invitations, and the distribution itself. This means that it now takes just four sequenced steps to distribute a video course to either one or more channels!

The features most of our users appreciate are the security and flexibility of the video training platform. With the new process, we’ve taken both these things into heavy consideration.  You can also set an expiry date for a course invitation for added security, ensuring that you’re in charge of who gets into class.

We’re as proud as a peacock to introduce this new feature as part of the simplified uQualio Video4Learning experience. And, if you need help remember, we’re just a DM away!

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