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Great Feedback in the Use Case Survey (2022)

eLearning helps with employee retention and customer loyalty


First a little appetizer before the Use Case Survey Result

– we often get questions like;

  • Can a service both be the most affordable in the market AND have great human support?
  • Are you able to make a convenient system that is also scalable and advanced enough for even big companies in a competitive market?
  • Can uQualio get any greater?

Yes, Yes, and Yes my friends.

Use Case test, Happy Elf from User Feedback
Please press the Elf for GREAT NEWS… – and continue reading 😉

Purpose of the Survey

At uQualio we will always do our best to give you, our customer the best possible product. If you have followed uQualio for some time, you’ll know that we send out Product News in order to keep you informed about our latest developments. Therefore, we recently send a use case survey to all of our customers and guess what… We were thrilled to read your answers. Thank you to all that participated!

The purpose of our survey was to know all of you better! Most of our customer’s platforms are private, which can be the purpose of uQualio, but that makes it harder for us to know you and what you use our learning system for. We of course do not have access to your private content unless you ask us to access your platform to help you. Therefore, we do have not enough knowledge about what exactly you use uQualio for, and this is necessary knowledge to ensure you have the greatest software possible.

Result of Use Case Survey

Use Case test feedback scale
So what did the user voices say?

There are three main topics that are rated super-high by our users.

  1. Ease of use – 85 % of our users highly appreciate that it is super easy to get started using uQualio. It has always been a high priority to make the uQualio platform super user-friendly. Getting this feedback is very important to us, as it makes us feel we have succeeded in that.
  2. Affordable – It comes at a very affordable price, say 78%. Yes – you can even get started for free! As far as we know, uQualio is the most affordable solution on the market. We just love helping out so we have always dreamed of many users. uQualio’s number 1 vision, is to make it easy to change your business & the world through affordable quality education. Therefore, we have a wish of being soooooo affordable anyone can participate and why shouldn’t you get the benefit?
  3. Personal (human) support. Most of you have talked to our CPO and Co-founder, Christian, or our CEO and Co-founder, Hatla by now. They are always there to help you in a hurry, wherever around the globe, you are located. Christian is developing the software as well as using it. No one knows it better than he does. Hatla is our prime mover, the one who leads our operations with a steady hand. She is a happy person who works at a beautiful place in the countryside. When you meet, her you may expect a great smile and probably a compliment.

If you haven’t tried uQualio yet we hope that you’ll take a Free Trial and let us guide you to make engaging and rewarding learning. If you look at our use cases you’ll find out how some of our customers use our video learning platform.

happy customers loyal customer

– uQualio is an award-winning, easy-to-use, all-in-one NextGen LMS software for any types of online video training.