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Why not just use YouTube for video distribution

Bite size your learning and webinar

YouTube is a fantastic platform for sharing videos but it has its shortcomings in some situations, and some of these can be solved easily by using uQualio.

Yes, it is true that both uQualio and YouTube are both video-based distribution platforms, but there are several key differences that make uQualio a more suitable solution for certain use cases compared to YouTube.

Here are a few of the reasons why you might choose to use uQualio over YouTube:

Assessment and Evaluation

uQualio provides assessment and evaluation tools that allow organizations to evaluate the effectiveness of their training programs.

The assessment tools help organizations to measure the impact of their training programs and track the progress and proficiency of their employees.

Customizable Branding

uQualio allows organizations to customize their platform with their own branding, making it a more professional and credible solution compared to YouTube, which is primarily a consumer-oriented platform.

Structured Learning

uQualio provides a structured learning experience that is designed specifically for education and training.

uQualio provides a curated selection of educational content that is organized in a logical and easy-to-follow manner. So if you need users to learn in a structured manner, you should look at uQualio.

Security and Privacy

uQualio provides security and privacy features that are designed to keep sensitive educational content secure and confidential.

uQualio is therefore a better option for any organization that needs to ensure video distribution security and privacy of its training content.

Integration with other systems

uQualio can be integrated with HR platforms, allowing organizations to easily manage their training programs and track the progress of their employees. This makes it a more efficient and effective solution compared to YouTube, which is not designed for this purpose.

By providing a structured, secure, and customizable learning platform, uQualio is a more suitable solution for organizations that need to deliver effective and efficient training programs to their employees.

Getting the best of 2 worlds

If you add YouTube links to the videos in your uQualio courses you actually still use YouTube as your video distribution platform playing on uQualio while both getting the streaming count on Youtube and the learning functionality from uQualio.

Try for yourself on a free trial…

video distribution results in learning from and smiling in front of a desktop

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