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Why use Authoring Tools for your Learning Management Systems (LMS)? 

type writer - uQualio All in one LMS incl. authoring tool


The dynamic nature of technology is ruthless in its advancement … It’s becoming interactive, engaging, and more customizable.

Many companies, who rely on LMS (short for Learning Management System – a software application that helps with the management of digital training content) do not wish to substitute it with a system they’re not familiar with. But it’s time to step up the ever-evolving LMS game!

So, let’s explore how authoring tools can give your LMS a massive boost: give it the relevant upgrade it needs.

1 – LMS Efficiency is Key

Optimize the development process, and not sacrifice quality. Sounds like Utopia? Well, it isn’t. An authoring tool cuts out the time-consuming drag of engaging with overworked developers, and expensive agencies to produce content to your LMS. Pre-populated learning templates/course builders mean you don’t have to worry about coding. Authoring tool means you can focus on your area of expertise – training.

2 – Save Costs for Training & Learning

With energy and food prices on a rapid rise, it’s become more and more important to save a dime. Businesses are also scouring for ways to save money even if it’s by a little bit. And looking at how to optimize your LMS can save money in the long run. Just one eLearning course produced by an agency equals a year’s authoring tool license. For example, Benefit Cosmetics realized an estimated 69% by choosing an authoring tool license and scraping their agency.

3 – Manage Training Courses on a Global Scale

Using an enterprise-wide authoring tool will open up your content to the world. You can produce far more content quickly, and you have resources at your disposal to engage with your users and distribute the content globally.

Wireframing, content drafts, quality assurance, and testing – with the right authoring tool you can drive efficiencies across multiple workflows.

uQualio is an all-in-one LMS

Please note that uQualio is an all-in-one LMS that also offers built-in authoring tools that help you produce, and distribute video eLearning courses whether for public, private, or e-commerce purposes, in just a few steps… And the best part? You can get a free trial whenever it suits you!

type writer - uQualio All in one LMS incl. authoring tool

– uQualio is an award-winning, easy-to-use, all-in-one NextGen LMS software for any types of online video training.