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Can Statistics Be Fun? This Research Says YES!

Can Statistics Be Fun gamified learning


Ever find yourself wishing statistics could be more like a game? Turns out, a lot of students feel the same way! Here at uQualio Video4Learning, we believe eLearning should be engaging and effective – that’s why we use microlearning, gamification, and micro-credentials.  We’re excited to share groundbreaking research showing how a challenge-based gamified learning approach can make a huge difference in statistics education.

The Power of Play: Why Gamify Learning?

Gamification is a hot trend in education. It means using game-like elements – think quizzes, tests, badges, and certificates – to boost motivation and keep learning exciting. But does a gamified learning approach actually lead to better results?

“Horses for Courses”: A Gamified Learning Approach to Statistics

A 2020 study put a specific type of gamification to the test.  Researchers used “challenge-based gamification” (challenges, points, levels, etc.) in a statistics course. They called it  “Horses for Courses” and tried it with 365 students from two backgrounds: Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Business Administration.

The Results? Challenge-Based Gamification Wins!

The study showed that students who learned with a gamified learning approach performed significantly better than those using traditional methods. This is fantastic news for anyone looking to make learning stick!

Who Benefits Most from Gamification?

The research also revealed a few key things: 

  • Gamification had a stronger positive impact on female students. 
  • Students in Electrical and Computer Engineering, known for their analytical thinking, seemed to benefit more from the gamified learning approach than those in Business Administration. 
  • Gamification seems to be especially effective when tackling subjects that some students might find challenging. 

Gamifying Your Learning Journey

This research highlights that gamification is a powerful way to transform education and learning – especially for seemingly complex subjects like statistics! At uQualio Video4Learning, we’re passionate about making eLearning both engaging and effective. That’s why you’ll find gamification woven throughout our video eLearning platform. A little healthy competition and a sense of accomplishment can go a long way in helping you grasp and retain information.

Ready to Level Up?

Explore the uQualio video-based microlearning platform! We offer microlearning lessons and loads of interactive features – quizzes, tests, badges, certificates – all the best parts of gamified learning, to make your learning journey a true adventure!

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