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Technology keeps us intelligent – if used wisely

Technology can maky you lazy but learning can help you keep intelligent

Here’s how learning technology can keep you on your intelligent toes.   

Technology has made our lives easier in a myriad of ways, and it has transformed civilizations. But it has also made us lazy, and forgetful. Studies have shown that reliance on technology weakens our mental horsepower. Online eLearning is the perfect mental power boost to get us back on track. 


Dr. Itiel Dror is a well-known researcher of the human brain whose extensive studies focus on how people learn, and how we can improve human behavior in practical ways. Interestingly, his studies have shown that technology can inhibit the ability to learn. He refers to it as the “use it or lose it” principle. Basically, knowledge and skills degrade over time unless they are used. And that there are two components that are critical to knowledge and skills retention; understanding, and regular utilization.  

For example, over-reliance on GPS can reduce your ability to remember directions. Dr. Dror sites personal experience, and how he used to excel at parallel parking with his old car – it lacked a camera or proximity sensors. However, with his new car, complete with a camera and sensors, he eventually lost the ability to parallel park.  

This is far from a unique scenario. Now, we need to understand that Dr. Dror is not opposed to technology, far from it. Instead, he insists that we apply it wisely. That we use technology intelligently in a constructive fashion, rather than mindlessly.    

Smartphones with advanced cameras are another example. Once upon a time, cameras were complex tools that required significant user input to focus, set the correct aperture, exposure, and so on. These days, taking a picture, or video, is an automated process that is easily accomplished by pushing a button. All of which can be achieved without the knowledge or skills formerly required to capture a high-quality image.     

As Dr. Dror has pointed out, understanding and regular use are critical components of retaining knowledge and skills.  

Here’s how the uQualio video eLearning platform can help you use technology intelligently: 

  1. Create and share courses that focus on what your staff should learn 
  2. Add elements such as quizzes and gamification to fully engage your learners 
  3. Monitor and communicate with your users 
  4. Analyze the learners’ outcomes to improve your courses 

 Using technology is a growing trend in professional training. Using it properly, mindfully, and intelligently leads to the best outcomes.   

At uQualio, we are firm believers that video empowers the learner and the expert. It’s all about efficiently getting your message across and sharing critical knowledge with the least amount of effort. Try uQualio today or contact us – we’re only a keystroke away. 

people sitting down near table with assorted laptop computers - technology keeps us intelligent if used wisely

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