Operations Management & Skills training

uQualio is known as a cloud-based learning management system known as an LMS – but how does uQualio differ from many traditional systems? There are 9 key differences and reasons why you might choose to use uQualio over more traditional learning systems: Overall, video learning provides a more efficient
Measuring tape light blue background lean learning
Lean learning is an approach to education that is focused on maximizing efficiency and minimizing waste. The goal is to help learners acquire the knowledge and skills they need as quickly and efficiently as possible, without spending time on unnecessary or redundant activities. This approach is often used in
Holiday season is scam season (1240 × 698 px)
Along with shopping, decorations, sweaters with reindeer, and cheer, the holidays are also the high season for scam email phishing skullduggery.  Remember that prince from a faraway land who promised to share his country’s riches with you, and all he needed was your banking details…   These days scammers are
eLearning for Digital business
I don’t know about you, but in my experience, corporate training can be dull and ineffective.   What needs to change? Today, organizations and their people face rapidly changing circumstances, and work in separate locations – some remote, others in-person, all the while, needing to adopt the skills necessary to
Video for online learning
It is estimated that YouTube videos are viewed 4 billion times daily, and Vimeo videos 715 million times monthly. This is far beyond a trend, an avalanche, or possibly a stampede.  The history of moving pictures   In 1890 William Dickson unveiled the Kinetograph, a primitive motion picture camera. Over
Hands Holding a Small Globe Image - Extend and integrate your reach - Extended Enterprise
These days, businesses need to find ways (e.g. the extended enterprise) to act on many stages, providing online and in-person services, and supporting local and remote customers, employees, and others, while keeping all the moving parts aligned.  Enter Extended Enterprise  By embracing a decentralized structure, extended enterprises can extend
uQualio makes it easy to import AI-generated videos
As you might have noticed, we have integrations with the following awesome AI video platforms on uQualio. That definitely makes uQualio an excellent AI-Powered LMS. Why have we Made It Easy to Import AI-Generated Videos? AI-generated videos are a hot topic these days, and we sat down with uQualio
person using smartphone and macbook
Mobile Learning and Mobile Web Apps are changing the way we perceive, and approach learning, as MLearning enables learning across multiple contexts, through social and content interactions, using personal
5 Things To Look For in an eLearning Solution
Considering an eLearning Solution for your Small and Medium business? Read what our guest blogger Roman Zhidkov suggests you look for. uQualio® lives and breathes eLearning, more specifically, we believe Video eLearning to be the future and the way people already expect to learn these days. Our cloud-based Video