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uQualio Introduces Punjabi as a New User Language

Punjabi as a new user language on uQualio


At uQualio Video4Learning, we are thrilled to announce that Punjabi/Panjabi has been added as a new user language. With this update, we are making our online video eLearning platform more accessible and inclusive to individuals and organizations from Pakistan and India.

Breaking eLearning Barriers with Punjabi User Language

We understand the importance of learning in one’s native language, as it fosters better comprehension and engagement. It has been a wish from an existing customer to get Punjabi added as a language due to the high number of employees they have from this region. We listen to our customers and love making them happy! Therefore, we have added this language, so their employees can create training content and and consume it in their preferred language.

Enhanced Video Learning Experience with Punjabi User Language

With the Punjabi language, learners can now immerse themselves in a seamless video learning experience. Trainers can effortlessly create video courses, and add quizzes and badges to them in Punjabi, so that content is accurately conveyed to the learners. On the other hand, learners can consume the entire training platform with the added material in their native language. This allows them to grasp concepts more effectively, engage more deeply, and achieve better learning outcomes.

Empowering Organizations and Businesses in India

For businesses and organizations, this language update opens up new opportunities to make training programs. No matter if it is for employee onboarding, skills development, compliance training, or customer education. uQualio provides a robust platform to distribute and manage video training content.

Expanding Reach and Market Penetration

Punjabi user language on the uQualio video training platform also presents an opportunity for content creators and trainers. They can now tap into a vast market of learners who prefer learning in Punjabi. By adapting training content to this Punjabi, trainers effectively can reach a broad audience. This allows them to expand market penetration, and establish themselves as leading providers of high-quality Punjabi video training.

Punjabi as a new user language on the uQualio microlearning platform represents our commitment to make online video training more accessible and effective for learners and trainers worldwide. By embracing diversity and inclusivity through language support, we empower businesses and organizations to break barriers and create exceptional training experiences.

Whether you are an individual seeking to learn or an organization striving to train, uQualio is your partner for successful training initiatives. Join us on this exciting journey. Unlock the true potential of training in Punjabi!

We Value Your Feedback

The Punjabi interface is of course still very new, and we plan to make continuous improvements. If you come across any language issues and want to share feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us at – preferably in English. 

We hope you enjoy the new language when using the uQualio white-label training platform!

Please let us know if you need other languages on uQualio – we will be happy to add more!

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