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Meet the uQualio Founders! 


You may have been wondering, what does uQualio stand for? Why do we believe that eLearning is the future in a world that becomes more and more digital and agile? Who are the people behind the platform? What is it, exactly, that we are trying to accomplish?

Well, it certainly wasn’t easy, but we managed to squeeze out a little bit of time from our founders so they, in their own words, could explain what uQualio and their take on eLearning authoring creation software is all about!

Watch the video filmed outside of our lovely office in Veksø or read the full video transcription down below.

Who are you & what do you do at uQualio?

Kent (K): Hi, my name is Kent Fallesen. I’m the CEO and founder of uQualio. If you sometimes have some questions about the application and you are a customer, you can either have an online meeting with me or you can have a personal meeting.

Hatla (H): Hello my name Hatla Johnsen. I’m the COO of uQualio. When I heard of Kent’s idea to make a system that turns almost any video into eLearning, it was fantastic, and of course, I wanted to join in.

Christian (C): My name is Christian Nielsen. I’m the CPO at uQualio and I’m responsible for building the product making sure it fits the requirements and that is available for all users around the world on our cloud platform.

What is uQualio about?

K: There’s an increasing need for training. The world is becoming more complex and you need to be able to act very agile and you need to be able to train employees located on different destinations. Video eLearning is perfect for that.

What do you like most about the uQualio platform?

H: My dream is to make a system that not only works for training employees at companies but also helps the world become a better place.

Why should a company use the uQualio platform?

K: Companies have an increasing need for being able to train their own employees and to train the employees of partners and they need to train users of the products. This has to happen in a digital world. You have to be able to click on the mouse and it’s there, globally. You cannot just travel around or do face-to-face training. You have to be able to distribute it to a large group of people, instantly.

You are responsible for product and development and quality: How do you get things from the idea to the finished feature?

C: We work completely agile, so we have a board with posted notes and everything where we put up the good ideas so that things get through very fast, very agile and you know what, we actually deliver things from week to week if necessary. I really like that.

What is special about uQualio?

K: The idea is actually to make it very attractive for both learners and companies to use. A lot of systems have been built for compliance reasons, where we think it has to be fun and you have to be motivated as a learner to actually want to take training. And if you do that, then the companies that are providing the training will benefit from this. This is why you have to include elements of gamification, and interaction in eLearning like we do on our platform.

What is uQualio doing for other start-up companies? & Why?

H: We’ve decided to give the uQualio platform for free for all NGOs and the reason why is for instance I come from a background where we earn money on tobacco and plastic, and honestly, I think I need to balance my karma more in the future, so that’s why it really makes sense to help the world become a better place by ensuring that eLearning gets to the right people.

What do you like most about the uQualio platform?

C: Our product is so simple that everybody who has a video can be up and running within a few minutes. You know, you just upload the video. Add some text, a few questions, check the preview, and then you’re ready to publish to whoever needs to see your content.

Why should a company use the uQualio platform?

K: I’ve had a long experience internationally. I’ve been working with trade in many, many countries and I’ve been working as a schoolteacher when I was young, and I’ve worked for many years within the IT sector. One of the needs that we’ve seen is that there’s a rising need for being able to train a large group of people at the same time, a lot of companies need to have it, if they have a lot of retailers or resellers around the world, you need to be able to train them and they don’t have access to the employees of those. So, this is a way for them to actually be able to go from zero to a lot of influences on the platform.

What is it like working at uQualio?

C: I like the way that we work together. We have our own special experience and expertise, and we console each other, but still, we respect that you can do anything you like.

uQualio founders

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