New onboarding steps guide in uQualio
Onboarding a new software platform can often be really difficult – which is a shame as you risk missing out on the possibilities of the software and therefore end up not understanding it or not using it to its full potential. At uQualio we eat our own dog food!
happy customers loyal customer
Recognize and retain your most valuable customers and keep them loyal for life by using eLearning based on video, gamification & microlearning.
A brand-new onboarding Quick Guide
A brand-new onboarding Quick Guide makes it easy to navigate the video learning platform and therefore makes it easy to make and distribute online training courses
After in uQualio the video eLearning authoring & creation LMS software having launched our Service Provider Partner Program, we have successfully partnered with several professionals that can support your eLearning projects with the creation of videos, and everything related. This week we have talked to our new voice actor
Employee Onboarding at uQualio
Employee Onboarding at uQualio ‘Congratulations you got the job’, Candice said. She was going to be my manager at uQualio where I had just been hired as their English content writer. My initial reaction was to smile as a rush of joy went through me. Being a new member
Employee Turnover in Spain
Employee turnover is a problem in the hospitality sector in Spain, according to Randstad Research’s latest study on the future of the hospitality sector – but it can easily be mitigated with your own eLearning creation authoring software! The hospitality sector is one of the most important in the