Discover the power of micro-learning

Microlearning - it's simple

Microlearning is a powerful tool and a growing trend. Content creators present information in small doses (bite-sized learning), helping users to stay engaged and retain core learnings. Here we will cover the basics and highlight some examples to help you on your way to creating microlearning courses yourself.  What is microlearning? Micro-learning is a fun, […]

uQualio makes it easy to import AI-generated videos

AI-generation video platforms integration with uqualio

As you might have noticed we have integrations with the following awesome AI video platforms on uQualio (click to see how easy it is) Why have we made it easy to import AI-generated videos? AI-generated video is a hot topic these days, and we sat down with our CEO Hatla Johnsen for a quick Q […]

Technology keeps us intelligent – if used wisely

Technology can maky you lazy but learning can help you keep intelligent

Here’s how learning technology can keep you on your intelligent toes.    Technology has made our lives easier in a myriad of ways, and it has transformed civilizations. But it has also made us lazy, and forgetful. Studies have shown that reliance on technology weakens our mental horsepower. Online eLearning is the perfect mental power boost […]

Neuraloom offers free AI avatar video generation

logo and ai avatar from neuraloom on uqualios integrations. platform.

NeuraLoom has integrated with the uQualio Video e-Learning Platform and offers free access to their AI video generation solution to uQualio customers. This is great news for video shy course creators as creating educational videos is now easier than ever! You can use the avatar to be your presenter so you do not have to […]

Ready? Set, eLearn! 

man running with briefcase

3 reasons eLearning is the tool of the future.
Community – it brings people together
Familiarity – video is relatable. It’s not about adapting to a new format, it’s about getting smarter in a
comfortable one.
Data allows you to tailor your online courses

Democratization of eLearning Technology Boosts Employee Retention

Forced by the pandemic to find strategies to reduce employee turnover, the skeptics are learning that eLearning is more than just a training tool. Especially when using an eLearning creation authoring software tool like uQualio. For centuries, education has been mostly perceived as just a means to an end. Now, as we go through the most […]

Audio Description in eLearning 

eLearning is becoming more accessible thanks to alternatives such as Audio Description (AD). Read on to discover more about why accessibility is growing in importance in the eLearning space and how it can be used in eLearning creation authoring software. We’ve been using video and animation as part of blended learning programs for a while […]